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You are an experienced rider – BUT are you an advanced and defensive rider?

We can prepare you for the DIAmond Advanced Test and in particular ensure that you have knowledge of how to negotiate with safety:

  1. Riding at night,
  2. Riding in all weather conditions,
  3. Motorway riding, including filtering.

What is special about the DIAmond Advanced Test?

The current Government “L” riding test allows you to make up to 15 minor errors over a route often not exceeding 6 miles and taking less than 35 minutes to complete.

The DIAmond Advanced Test will take over an hour and will encompass most types of road conditions. A maximum of six minor faults will be allowed. The DIAmond Advanced Driving Test is the first advanced test available to the general public which examines the Driving Standards Agency’s recommended syllabus for riding in its entirety.

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