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Although bikers represent less than one per cent of all road traffic, they suffer 18 per cent of all deaths and serious injuries on our roads, and are 45 times more likely to be killed on the road than car drivers. Factors that may position you on the statistics tables include:

How long did it take you to become as skilled as you were before you stopped riding? How long have you been away from biking? 
Experienced riders have higher levels of concentration than new riders. Regular riding keeps this concentration exercised, along with the physical skills of riding a bike. The longer the time away from the bike, the more your concentration and biking skills will be dulled.

What changes to motorcycles, roads, and traffic behaviour have occurred in the past few years – how is biking different now? 
Today’s bikes are technologicaly very advanced, using lighter materials, powerful engines, large radial tyres, and disc brakes. Even over five years, advances in performance, handling and braking are huge. Road systems have undergone significant re-engineering or design in the past ten years, requiring, at times, enhanced skills in reading the road safely and efficiently, whilst dealing with high traffic volumes.

How long have been riding since you re-started? 
New riders, and riders returning to biking are particularly vulnerable, and many will suffer accidents in their first two weeks of riding.

What can you do? 
Don’t learn the hard way – the school of hard knocks can be a very painful way to learn and in some cases you don’t graduate. If it’s a long time since you rode a bike, call us. We can arrange an initial assessment by an advanced instructor of your current skills and (possibly) areas of weakness, and then suggest a short course to get you back up to speed on a modern bike.

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